Scopoderm 1.5mg Patches 2


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Scopoderm 1.5mg Patches 2 are used to prevent motion sickness. They are a convenient patch form of treatment and are effective for up to 72 hours. Scopoderm 1.5mg Patches 2 are clinically proven to prevent and treat the symptoms of travel sickness such as feeling sick, light headedness and dizziness.

Adults and children over ten: Apply one patch five to six hours before starting your journey. Alternatively, you could put one patch on the evening before. Peel of the clear, hexagonal plastic backing, holding the patch by the edge so as not to touch the sticky side. Press the silver coloured sticky side of the patch firmly on to a clean, dry, hairless area of skin behind the ear. Avoid areas that are irritated in any way. Wash your hands thoroughly after placing the patch. Do not touch the patch once it is in place as you may get hyoscine on your fingers. When the journey is over remove the patch and dispose of it carefully. Each patch will last up to three days. If you are travelling for more than three days, take the patch off after three days and apply a new one.

Each transdermal patch contains a total of 1.5mg Scopolamine (hyoscine).

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