Scholl Lower Back Pain Relief Insoles - Small


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Lower back pain can often start with your feet. Repetitive shocks from walking and other daily activities, especially when weight is unevenly distributed can rise up the body resulting in lower back pain. These newly developed Scholl Lower Back Pain Relief Insoles - Small are some of the best insoles for sciatica. A team of biomechanical experts have developed a Motion Control Structure that works by:
  • Improving shock absorption with gel supports that immediately help reduce shock and stress through the lower body
  • Increasing pressure distribution that helps even out the spread of weight on the foot, working with the natural contours of the sole giving clinically proven pressure relief
  • Improved stabilisation of the foot by helping to correct misalignments which leads to a more natural walking motion which relieves stresses on the knee, hip and lower back. 

Size Guide

Small - 4.5 – 6.5

Medium - 7 – 8.5

Large - 9 – 11

These shoe insoles for lower back pain fit the majority of shoes but you may need to remove the existing insoles in some cases. Make sure the back of the insole fits snuggly to the back of the shoe. You may need to trim the insole to the desired size using the guidelines on the product.

For some users, a period of adjustment is required to the insoles. This is easily achieved with a break-in period. Simply increase the number of hours you wear insoles each day until you can wear comfortably all the time.

Vendor: Scholl