Scholl Arch Pain Relief Insoles - Large


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Scholl Arch Pain Relief Insoles large size are clinically proven at providing pressure relief that gently supports the arch of your foot by reducing strain caused by flattened arches. The orthotic insoles also help cushion the raised dome, relieving stress on the ball of the foot also known as Metatarsalgia.

Developed by biomechanic experts at Scholl with over 100 years of expertise, the new range of Scholl arch support insoles UK work in three ways:

  • By absorbing shock through the feet reducing stress through the lower body
  • The contour profiling of the inserts help spread weight more evenly through your feet to reduce pressure
  • By stabilising the position of your foot, a more natural walking style is produced that works in harmony with the rest of the body.


Size Guide

Small - 4.5 – 6.5

Medium - 7 – 8.5

Large - 9 – 11


Scholl arch support insoles are specially designed for motion control and for some, there may be a period of adjustment to the insoles. If this is the case with you, gradually build up use by increasing the number of hours these are worn each day may help you with this process.

Unlike other insoles, the front of the orthotics should fit under the base of the toes which may mean the insoles do not touch the back of the shoes.

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