Optibac Probiotics for Every Day


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OptiBac Probiotics For every day veg capsules are a unique and balanced formulation of six different probiotic strains combined with pre-biotics (i.e. food for the probiotics to flourish) to provide daily maintenance for our digestive health.

Daily probiotic support means normalising a healthy balance of friendly bacteria throughout the entire intestinal tract. With OptiBac, the different strains (or types) of friendly bacteria along with the pre-biotics have been specifically chosen for the different clinically proven health benefits they convey in the different parts of the small and large (colon) intestine. OptiBac provides a high potency and select variety of well researched and documented probiotic strains. In addition, OptiBac is free from sugars, fats, preservatives or colourings that may be found in some daily probiotic foods and drinks.

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