Natural Check Sperm Concentration Test Kit


Natural Check Sperm Concentration Test Kit is a new, convenient and discreet way for anyone at home to check their fertility level. The test is 98% accurate, the same as a lab test, and only takes 5 minutes to perform. A positive result will show if the count is on or above the World Health Organisation's limit of 15m/ml.

Wait at least 48 hours, but no more than seven days after your last ejaculation. For best results, wash your hands and genital area with soap. Ejaculate directly into the semen collection cup, trying to collect all of the semen. Do not use another receptacle to collect your semen other than the collection cup provided.

If any semen is lost, discard any semen that was collected and rinse the cup with water only - do not use soap. For the most accurate results wait a further 48 hours and no more than 7 days to repeat the process.

Your sample can be tested up to 3 hours after you have collected it.

Follow the simple process outlined in the test kit. The results are ready in 5 minutes and are 98% accurate. The kit will show normal as well as low sperm count results.

Vendor: Natural Check