Mason Pearson BN3 Handy Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush


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Mason Pearson BN3 Handy Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush is a medium sized brush, made of a mixture of pure boar bristle, and nylon tufts. Ideal for thick or long hair. (Overall length of brush: 21cm; width of brush head: 6.5cm).

A Mason & Pearson hairbrush is designed to provide many years of quality usage. Hairbrushes by Mason & Pearson are recognised as unique in both design and quality. The distintice design incorporates spired, uneven tufts of boar bristle and nylon mixture set in a pneumatic rubber pad that enables each individual tuft to penetrate through to the scalp. Each brush comes with a lifetime manufacturers guarantee against manufacturing defects, but not against normal wear and tear.

  • 100% Boar Bristle
  • Patented Pneumatic Cushion Construction
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects
  • Made In London

Vendor: Mason Pearson

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