L'Oreal Excellence Dark Golden Blonde 7.3


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Triple protection colour creme. Nothing protects better, nothing covers grey better, time after time (compared to each leading competitor's top selling brand). Before: Protective Pre-Colour Serum treats fragile areas of the hair, particularly dry ends. To be used before you colour. Your hair is protected, prepared to be coloured evenly. During: Excellence's extra-protective colour creme gives your hair rich, radiant, even colour that covers resistant greys perfectly. Nothing covers grey better.

Follow the instruction leaflet carefully

This kit contains: protective colour creme, protective creme developer, protective ceramide-protein conditioner, usage instructions, salon gloves, exclusive Appli-colour comb, protective pre-colour serum.

If you have already had a reaction to a hair colourant if you have a sensitive, itchy or damaged scalp.


Vendor: L'Oreal

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