Flexitol Nail Revitaliser Gel 15g


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Flexitol Nail Revitaliser Gel 15g is specially formulated with a unique triple action formula, restores nail health and appearance in people with damaged, discoloured or thickened nails on the hands or the feet. Containing urea, which is used as a moisturiser to help to soften the nail and surrounding skin, as well as keratin to help to strengthen dry, brittle nails and restore the condition and quality of your nails. Flexitol Nail Revitaliser Gel also helps restore the appearance of your nails, whitening softening your nails leading to a reduction in nail thickness.

The gel should be used regularly for best results, is easily absorbed and the integrated brush applicator is convenient to use as part of your hand and feet care routine. The gel is ideal for treating the side effects of conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema and is safe for use by diabetics.

Appy Flexitol Nail Revitaliser Gel directly to your nails on the feet or hands with the brush applicator and allow the gel to dry. It may be necessary to apply a second coat if the nails are particularly discoloured. For best results initially use the gel twice a day until the discolouration has been removed. Once this occurs use the gel daily as required to restore your nails to their natural condition.

Vendor: Flexitol

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