Eucerin Intensive 10% Lotion 250ml


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Eucerin Intensive 10% Lotion 250ml is a specially formulated moisturiser for the treatment of dry skin conditions. These conditions include: atopic eczema (patches of inflamed skin; dermatitis), ichthyosis (coarse, dry, scaly skin), hyperkeratosis (thickening of the outer layer of skin), xeroderma (abnormal dryness of the skin). Eucerin intensive treatment lotion has been formulated with urea, which is a moisturiser naturally present in healthy skin.

In many dry skin conditions such as atopic eczema/dermatitis the skins natural urea levels are decreased which leads to further moisture loss. Eucerin Intensive 10% Lotion 250ml will replace the urea lost when the skin becomes dry.

Eucerin Intensive 10% Lotion 250ml also contains natural lipids, which along with Urea, can help maintain the skins natural moisture balance, keeping it smooth and supple. The formulation forms a fine protective layer on the skin preventing further moisture loss.

Vendor: Eucerin

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