Eskimo-3 Bright Kids Orange Jelly Sprats


Eskimo-3 Bright Kids Orange Jelly Sprats are designed as a fuss-free alternative new way of making sure your children get their recommended daily intake of Omega-3 fish oil to support healthy brain development and function.

Each 'jelly' tab... or sprat, provides 250mg of DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) a form of Omega-3 which is essential for a child's development. Omega-3 is essential for children’s growing bodies, especially their brain and has been proven in thousands of clinical trials to be good for our hearts, brains, eyes and helps keep our joints and skin healthy too.

The jellies are made of 100% pure fish oil, are naturally flavoured with no artificial flavourings or sweeteners, and are sugar-free too, are great tasting and don't leave a fishy aftertaste, making them ideal for children over 3 years.


Vendor: Nutri Advanced

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