Optrex Bacterial Conjunctivitis Eye Ointment


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Optrex Bacterial conjunctivitis Eye Ointment is an ointment to be applied to the eyes only, it contains an antibiotic called chloramphenicol. When chloramphenicol is given in eye ointment, it is used to treat bacterial infections that affect the front surfaces of the eye. The most common type of infection is bacterial conjunctivitis.

For adults, children aged 2 years and over and elderly. Place a small amount of ointment in the affected eye 3-4 times daily for 5 days.

Contains Chloramphenicol Ph, Eur. 1% w/w. Also contains Liquid Paraffin, Polyethylene in Mineral Oil.

Do not use if you are allergic to chloramphenicol or any of the ingredients if symptoms do not improve within 48 hours talk to your doctor. Seek further immediate medical advice at any time if symptoms worsen. Discard any remaining eye ointment after the five day course of treatment. Keep all medicines out of the sight and reach of children.

Vendor: Optrex

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